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Well, recently I have been having some trouble deciding what I wanna do with my life. Of course I have plenty of people who are willing to tell me how they think I should live my life, according to them. I am working my butt off at my job and it's not the greatest, but it's a job and I am going to be a manager soon. I have a plan for the furture well, atleast a bit of the future. I plan on being at the place I'm  at for another 6 months, having manager experience and then I will start looking for another job. I also want to go back to school, I have already been looking into that, and I'm pretty certain I will be going for pharmacy tech.

Since that plan was put into the works, things have changed, big time. I recently learned that someone I truly cared about passed away. That person is really missed, I didn't get to say good-bye to them and knowing what I know about how they passed has made me realize that I need to live my life for myself. I have decided that I still want to go to school, it's just gonna be put behind for a bit. I need to get out there and live the life of a 22 year old. I know that people my age are working and going to school or are graduating and that stinks to see everyone I graduated with graduating college, starting there career and starting to live there lives.  I have been through enough in my life to realize that they didn't just get that life, they worked for it. I plan on doing that, I just need some time to find who I really am and what I'm really meant to do.

I know that with the choices I have recently made that I'm gonna make a lot of people upset, but as far as I'm concerned, I have lived the way everyone else has wanted me to instead of me living for myself. I want everyone to be happy, but I will not be the one making them happy. I am going to make myself happy before I make someone else happy because if I am only concerned with other peoples happiness then I won't be happy myself.

So basically my epiphany was that I'm not happy with my plans for my life, so I'm working to make myself happy because I deserve to be happy with what I'm doing and my choices. As my cousin told me, "My life. My choices."

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